There are many ways to help out at Camp Chetek. Here are a few.

Inner City Outreach

All year long, Camp Chetek makes great efforts to raise support for underprivileged, junior age children to come to camp for free! All the effort pays off when we see the busses roll into camp from Minneapolis and St. Paul. Counselors then begin to express Christian love for these campers, some of whom have seldom seen love in action. Throughout the week, we see God transform their hearts from tough, on-the-street mentalities to hearts drawn by Christ’s love and broken over their sin. With a usual number of 40-50 children saved during this one week, it is an encouraging way to begin the summer! 

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Work Week

Come for a day or the whole week and help on a wide variety of indoor and outdoor projects as we prepare the camp grounds for another fun and exciting summer. No matter your skill set, there is always something for you to offer a helpful hand.

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